To realize our artistic program we often use our own sound systems. The measures we take to shape and transmit sound exceed common standards. In live situations we apply equipment, which you will commonly find in high end studios.

High end speaker systems

provide hifi acoustics and perfect sound transmission during our performances.

Multi-point sound distribution

using four or more speaker systems enriches your sonic impression with size, dimension and room filling waves
– without applying excessive levels of loudness – .
Even on remote seats the listener experiences acoustic proximity to the artists, clarity and the feel of being right on stage.

Sound pickup with reference microphones

allows us to finely resolve tone spectra and to enforce high resolution sound experiences, richness in sonic facets and detail as well as observability of the nuances of each instrument or sound source on stage.

Mixing and sound management from within the audience

optimize in acoustic clarity, resolution, hearability, balance and harmony right where the guest are. Using digital systems the space requirements within the audience can be minimized down to the size of one chair for the sound engineer.

Permanent sound system management

by acoustic engineers assures the quality of tonal colors and the harmony in loudness within the audience while allowing musicians to use, vary and adjust monitoring and stage sound to their needs.

Room analysis and sonic planning in advance

are measures we take to optimize and adapt the sound systems to the respective room.

Both worlds, digital as well as analog systems

we apply at what they are good at. Our sound therefore has the analog warmth while being crystal clear.

Listen and watch us live!

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