Light & Stage Illumination

For stage illumination we use the following lamps.

12Par 56, 300W rear light, rear floor spots
10Par 30, 75W side light
4theater lamps, 1kW front light
3LED DMX controlled lamps stage floor spots

Other equipment includes around 50m of 380V cables, a GLP Light Operator 24 mixer and two sinus dimmers, which allow for operating sound and light equipment together without the otherwise inevitable hum and buzz of dimmer packs.

Some samples of our stage ligthing you will find below and also here.

stage illumination during Vocal Affairs dinner show, jazz theater in Erlangen combined with delicious food stage illumination during an evening in castle Schloss Seehof, jazz entertainment for conferences and conventions, VIPs in corporations and public service

Audio Gear

Sound pickup, shaping, mixing and distribution involves a variety of systems, which are mostly hidden from the audience for esthetic reasons. Nevertheless these systems or a selection thereof we use to optimize our sound in the given room. Less optimal room designs often require prior analysis by our sound engineer. During analysis the engineer will identify ways to supress naturally occuring sonic interferences.

Comfort for the audience includes well leveled and well distributed sound pressure. And it includes sonic clarity by forming aligned wave fronts via proper placement, replication and orientation of speaker cabinets. The size of our speaker cabinets ranges from 20-60cm. With this comfortable size we have many options at hand for our sound installations, from almost invisible to large speaker stacks.

Of course, "large" is relative. There is always something bigger, but for performances at street fests, in churches, in concert halls with seats for 600 people or in openair situations we can provide enough juice from almost nothing to approximately 10kW of permanent sonic power (RMS). For us, loudness is not the key, perceived size and proximity even on the most distant seat is. We call this scalable sound.

With our selected audio components we bring to you the finest in audio.

Mics & Pickups
Manufacturer Model Characteristic Channel
1x Brauner Valvet C/O P48 (Key R)
1x Neumann U87 C/O/8 P48 (Key L)
1x Neumann U87A C/O/8 P48 03 SN floor
1x Neumann U89i C/O/8/HC P48 01 Kick
1x Neumann U89i C/O/8/HC P48 11 BassMon Lo
2x Neumann KM184 C P48 (Key L+R)
1x Neumann KM84 C P48 05 TT
1x Neumann KMi85 C P48 06 TT
1x Neumann KMS105 SC P48 13 VocLead
1x Neumann KK105 capsule SC P48 (VocLead)
1x Neumann KK104 capsule C P48 (VocLead)
1x Neumann KM100+AK40 C P48 04 HH
3x Schoeps CMC5 transimp. P48
1x Schoeps MK41 capsule SC P48 02 SN
1x Schoeps BLM03C capsule O,boundary layer P48 (Piano)
1x Schoeps MK8 capsule 8 P48 (Bass)
1x Schoeps MK6 capsule O/C/8 P48
1x Schoeps MK5 capsule C/O P48
1x Schoeps MK3 capsule O P48
2x Strässer CM90+MK40 C P48
1x Strässer CM600 C,boundary layer P48
2x AKG C 414 B C/WC/HC/O/8 P4807+08 OH L+R
2x AKG C401 pickup piezo hiZ (BassCorp)
1x Leo Schaal pickup piezo hiZ
1x Audio Technica AT-4050 C/O/8 P48
1x Gefell MV692+UM70 C/O/8 P48
1x Gefell UM70 capsule C/O/8 P48
1x Shure Beta 58a SC dyn 15 VocBass 2
3x Shure SM57 C dyn
1x Electrovoice RE20 C dyn
1x Audix OM-7 HC dyn
2x Sennheiser SKM 5000 wireless mic snd (VocLead)
1x Sennheiser EM 3032 U wireless box rec (VocLead)
1x Sennheiser EM 3031U+SK50 wireless box+bpk s/r (VocLead)
2x Sennheiser MD441-2 SC dyn09+10 Key L+R
1x Sennheiser MD441-N SC dyn (BassStr Hi)
2x Sennheiser MD441-U SC dyn16+17 Room L+R
1x Sennheiser MD421-U-4 C dyn (Kick)
1x Sennheiser MD431 II SC dyn (16) VocDrum 3
1x Sennheiser e835 C dyn
1x Sennheiser e855 SC dyn
1x Sennheiser e865 SC P48 14 VocKey 1
2x Sennheiser MKH 416 T shotgun mic T12 12 BassStr Hi
3x Sennheiser HSP 4-EW headworn mic P48 (VocLead)
3x Sennheiser UHF iem G2 C SR+EK 300 s/r
1x Sennheiser UHF iem G2 E SR+EK 300 s/r
1x Sennheiser UHF iem G2 C EK 300 rec
3x Sennheiser UHF G2 C SK500+EM300 s/r
1x Sennheiser UHF G2 E SK+EM 300 s/r
1x Sennheiser UHF G2 E SK 500 snd
1x Sennheiser UHF G2 C SK 300 snd
5x Sennheiser UHF G2 C EK 500 bpk rec
1x Sennheiser UHF G2 C EW 300 e935 mic
2x Beyerdynamic Opus 87 C P48
3x Beyerdynamic Opus 88 C P48
1x DDrum Trigger Bass hiZ
1x DDrum Trigger Snare hiZ
5x DDrum Trigger Tom hiZ
3x Yamaha DT20 Trigger Tom hiZ
2x DPA 4088F headworn mic P48
1x DPA DAD6034 Microdot-TRS adaptor
3x DPA DAD6003 Microdot-Lemo adaptor
C=cardiod, HC/SC/WC=hyper-/super-/wide cardiod, O=omni, 8=figure-eight

Speakers & Monitors
2x Kling&Freitag SW118D Bass PA 600 W 8 Ω 56kg
4x Kling&Freitag SW115D Bass PA 600 W 8 Ω 36kg
2x Kling&Freitag SW112 Bass PA 500 W 8 Ω 29kg
4x Kling&Freitag CA1215-6 PA 400 W 8 Ω 31kg
4x Kling&Freitag CA1201 PA/Mon 300 W 8 Ω 25kg
2x Kling&Freitag CA1201-SP PA/Mon 1000 W aktiv 28kg
2x Kling&Freitag CA1001 PA/Mon 250 W 8 Ω 18kg
12x Kling&Freitag CA106 PA/Mon 120 W 16 Ω 7kg
2x Fohhn XT-3 ND PA/Mon 450 W 8 Ω 19kg
1x Nexo PS10 PA/Mon 200 W 8 Ω 15kg
2x Nexo PS15 Bass PA 550 W 8 Ω 26kg
2x RCF ART 310A PA/Mon 350 W aktiv 12kg
1x Yamaha MSR 100 Mon 100 W aktiv 11kg
1x DB Technologies M12-4 Stage Opera Mon 300 W aktiv 18kg
4x PCL AR208 PA 160 W 8 Ω 8kg
2x Yamaha NS-10M Studio Mon 60 W 8 Ω 6kg
2x KS-Digital C55 Studio Mon 440 W aktiv 13kg
1x Sennheiser IE4 InEar Mon
4x Beyerdynamic DT770M Headphone
1x AKG K271 Headphone
1x Sennheiser HD650 Headphone

Speaker Management & Analog Mixing
2BSS FDS 336 Minidrive crossover 2in 6out
1PSE Audio SV600 Supervisor crossover 2in 6out
1KME SXO 24 crossover 3way 2 ch
1Rane SM26 splitter/mixer 2i6o,6i2o
1Nexo PS10 DT Controller spkr controller 2 ch
1Kling&Freitag C2 Controller spkr controller 2 ch
1Behringer HA4400 headphone amp 4 ch
1MAM HP48 headphone amp 4 ch
1Lake People V6HP headphone amp 2 ch
1Allen&Heath Mix Wizard WZ3 12M monitor mixer 16in 12out
1Mackie Onyx 1640 + FW mixer 16 ch
1Mackie Onyx 1620 mixer 16 ch
1Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro mixer 14 ch

1x Crest Pro 8200 825W/8 Ω, 1450W/4 Ω, 2250W/2 Ω 2 ch
2x Powersoft Digam Q4004 600W/8 Ω, 1000W/4 Ω 4 ch
1x Powersoft M28Q 360W/8 Ω, 700W/4 Ω 4 ch
3x Yamaha P7000S 700W/8 Ω, 950W/4 Ω 2 ch

1x Waves L2 Mastering Lim 2 ch
1x IGS 1176 Lim 1 ch
1x BSS DPR402 Comp/Lim 2 ch
1x Klark DN500 Comp/Lim/Exp 2 ch
1x Klark DN504 Quad Comp/Lim 4 ch
1x LA Audio 4C Comp 4 ch
2x TC Electronic Triple C Multiband Comp 2 ch
1x MR Audio RNC 1773 Comp 2 ch
1x Estec Doobie-4 Gate 4 ch
1x Drawmer DS201 Gate 2 ch
1x Kuhnle Eightgate Gate 8 ch
1x Kuhnle G400 Gate 4 ch
1x LA Audio 4G Gate 4 ch

Equalizers & Exciters
2Altair EQ230 EQ graphic 2 ch
1Sabine FBX 2400 Feedback Eliminator 2 ch
1Sabine RealQ EQ room analysis 2 ch
1TC Electronic TC 2240 EQ parametric 2 ch
1DBX 1531 EQ graphic 2 ch
1Höf Audio Spectral Exciter Exciter 2 ch
1Aphex Aural Exciter C2 104 Exciter 2 ch

Channelstrips & Preamps
1Avalon VT-737 SP Preamp 1 ch
1Neumann V476B Preamp 1 ch
1Studio Projects VTB-1 Preamp 1 ch
2Rane VP12 Channelstrip 1 ch
1Mindprint Envoice Channelstrip 1 ch
1Audient ASP 008 Preamp 8 ch
1Otztronics MMV 100 Preamp 8 ch
1ART Tubefire 8 Preamp 8 ch
1Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 i/o Preamp 8 ch
1Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 i/o Preamp 8 ch
1Focusrite OctoPre LE Preamp 8 ch

1Lexicon PCM91 Reverb 2 ch
1Lexicon MPX500 Reverb 2 ch
1Alesis Quadraverb Reverb 2 ch
1TC Electronics M300 Reverb 2 ch

Digital Gear
4Klein + Hummel K8AO8 dig. multicore 8out
3Klein + Hummel K8AO2 dig. multicore 2out
4Klein + Hummel K8AI8 dig. multicore 8in
3Klein + Hummel K8AESI16 dig. multicore 16in
1Stage PC Intel i5-750 main mixer 32in 32out
1Laptop Toshiba Qosmio G30 remote mixer 32in 32out
1Laptop HP Elitebook 8760w remote mixer 32in 32out
2Apogee AD16-XADC16
2Apogee DA16-XDAC16
1RME RaydatAdat Interface16i,16o
1RME DigifaceAdat Interface3x8i/o
1Mutec Format changerAdat/AES 8i,8o

Patchbays & Di-Boxes
#Manufacturer Model Function ChansImpedance
6Neutrik NYS-SPP-L patchbay 24 ch
1Avalon VT-737 SP Di-Box/Preamp 1 ch 1 Mohm
1Radial J48 Di-Box, active 1 ch220 Kohm
1A-Designs Reddi Di-Box, active 1 ch 1 Mohm
1Countryman Type 85 Di-Box, active 1 ch 10 Mohm
3BSS Audio AR-133 Di-Box, active 1 ch 1 Mohm
1ART Tubefire 8 Di-Box/Preamp 2 ch2.5 Mohm
1Audient ASP 008 Di-Box/Preamp 2 ch 1 Mohm
1Proel DBA8CH Di-Box, active 8 ch 1 Mohm
1Palmer Pan 03 Di-Box, active 4 ch 1 Mohm
1Palmer Pan 04 Di-Box 2 ch 1 Mohm
2Palmer Pan 01 Di-Box 1 ch 60 Kohm
2Klotz D10 Di-Box 1 ch 20 Kohm
1US Magnetics CDB-102 Di-Box 2 ch
1Alphaton SM-50 Di-Box 1 ch 20 Kohm
1ProCo CB-1 Di-Box 1 ch 20 Kohm
2Palmer PLI01 line isolation 1 ch 10 Kohm