Willetta Carson & Band for Your Event

By booking US singer Willetta Carson you will be experiencing an amazing voice and fantastic live music. Among the numerous possibilities to make your event even more special and unforgettable are ...

Music to Your Taste

Jazz, blues, swing and gospel vocals, you select the mix and emphasis on these musical genres.

Matched Ensembles

We can customize ensembles that match your event whether it is solo, duo, trio, quartet or a x-tet. In any case experienced professional musicians will play. We will provide exquisite sound-/light systems, if necessary.

Accomodating Program

You select the time and degree to which your guests will be captured by the program, whether it remains background or lounge music at all times or whether guests are supposed to be drawn to the artists or even the dance floor by a concert atmosphere or even by show and animation interludes.


Beaming, cheering, smiling, laughing, mutual admiration and applause - animated guests trigger vivid reactions in the other audience members, when the singer entices them into unpredictable situations. Surprise your guests with unforgettable scenes, humorous conversation or spontaneous dance in the audience which can be planned or improvised based on your ideas, situation or the opportunities that present themselves.

Everything further Willetta is happy to discuss with you.