Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Willetta's love for music, particularly jazz was apparent at an early age where she already showed the signs of a budding talent. She leaped through the house singing the songs she learned at her father's knee. She pranced in front of the living room mirror practing the performances that many years later would come to define her unique style. However her artistic talent also extends to painting, dancing and acting. These talents were recognized by awards and encouraged by mentors throughout her life.

She won many local contests one of which landed her a summer scholarship at the renown Art institute of Chicago at the age of 12. At 13 she recieved the title "Poet Laureate" from her junior high school for her literary talent. As a young girl she had singing lessons from James Mack an internationally reknown music producer who happened to attend the same community church at that time.

As a teenager, Willetta acted in local community theatre productions and later in student productions during her university studies. While studying she competed on the forensics team, won awards in intercollegic and national competitions and graduated with a degree in communications. During this time Willetta sang in the univerity Gospel choir with which she traveled and performed in Chicago and neighboring cities in and around Illinios.

After moving to Germany Willetta acted in theatre productions associated with the University of Erlangen and was part of the original cast of Greene Entertainments Al Capone Casino. Throughout this period of growth and diversified interest Willetta's love of jazz continued to grow and influence her musical taste, but it wasn't until she moved to Germany that this musical taste transformed into a voice of her own. Willetta attended jazz workshops, received vocal coaching and decided to cultivate a growimg desire to combine her love for jazz with her love for theatre and artistic expression. The result is a stage performance and enriched vocal persona enhanced by an acute theatrical and emotional awareness.

Willetta's personalized interpretations of vintage standards, her soulful and yet sometimes seductive style and her musical versatility express a passion and a delight that she is able to transfer to her audiences whereever she performs.

Today her musical performances are the culmination of many artistic experiences and pure entertainment is the result.