Willetta has collaborated over the years with many different musicians and artists. In various projects and concerts she has shared the stage with well known musical talent.

For her performances Willetta forms artistic ensembles and line-ups due to the nature of the event and busy schedules. However, companionship and quality are always there.

Here is an incomplete list of fine musicians Willetta has performed with at one point or another (in no particular order).

Volker Graf – piano, vocals

Joachim Leyh – drums

Michael Flügel – piano

Michael Schmidt – bass, vocals

Marco Kühnl – bass

Thomas Fink – piano

Peter Aitay – drums

Marc de Vin – trumpet

Kj Ross – guitar

Manfred Hartlieb (The General) – bass

Peter Pelzner – guitar

Alex Fuchs – bass

Horst Faigle – drums

Gerhard Kraus – guitar

Rainer Glas – bass

Tex Döring – piano

Arvid Mainz – trombone

Carola Grey – drums

Bernhard Pichl – piano

Lutz Häfner – saxophone

Thorsten Goods – guitar, vocals

Tony Lakatos – sax

Richard Hofmeier – Kontrabass

Jens Liebau – drums

Christian Jung – keyboard

Gunther Rissmann – double bass

Johannes Reis – keyboard

Georg Rosenbauer – double bass