Sound Distribution

Throughout the years we have identified that having artistic talent on stage is not the only prerequisite for perfect results. Impressive performances and shows rely on attention to detail, on extra care for the many technical aspects of sound pickup, processing, distribution and selection of audio gear.

The charm of live music comes from its intimacy. While you witness artistic performances with your eyes, we can bring you sonically much closer to the artist than by just sitting in your seat. The way to get that close to the music is to use proper microphone and sound distribution techniques. When you are sonically close to an instrument or performer, you will notice very fine detail and resolution.

Closeness does not mean nor imply your being subjected to a loud sonic source. As a matter of fact loudness cannot compensate or make up for closeness at all.

When we setup sound systems for live performances we do our utmost to deliver near-field acoustics to every seat or zone. Near-field acoustics make the sound clear, undistorted and as genuine as if you were in close proximity to the musician.

Our design goal for sound distribution is to have comfortable sound pressure and good resolution anywhere in the room, whether you are close to the stage or further away.

Playing louder or amplifying more to com­pen­sate for distance and for resulting diffuse per­cep­tion is not a cure.

Diffuse perception is caused by the sonic wave form and not by its intensity. Louder is not better or less diffuse, it only adds pressure gradients in the room and may impair sonic perception on the stage.

Pressure gradients work against the comfort of those who are close to or behind the speaker systems. Stronger sound pressure is effortless and easyily accomplished by the turn of a knob. However it does not improve sonic definition and clarity.

Proper placement of speaker systems however is a cure for adjusting and preserving the original wave form and clarity.

We will bring the sound as close to you, as possible. In the audience you can find yourself placed in large (not loud) sonic waves which tend to impress by the sheer feeling of size, dimension and clarity.

Most of the time this is the opposite of a one-monitor-or-two-PA-speakers-serves-all approach.

From performing at many different locations with ever changing room acoustics we have developed a strong sense of what works well in a given room. We have the necessary state-of-the-art equipment to distribute sound evenly and generate homogeneous sonic wave fields. We love beeing complemented by our audiences in the rear seats. It means we accomplished our goal. It is payback for the extra efforts we take in installation.

Well distributed sound and the feeling of closeness can make all the difference in how you experience the presence of an artist on stage. It affects your sonic judgement. It provides you with detail and complete acoustic "vision". There is no best seat in the audience any more, because all seats have become good seats.

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