Celebrate the Dream
Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Concert & Show

Inter-cultural tolerance and acceptance is a very important topic around the world. Everyday there are people whose civil or human rights suffer in various forms. In consideration­ of this unfortunate reality Willetta Carson & Band perform the Martin Luther King Jr. Show with the vision of making the world a better, more harmonious place to live.

The concert speaks to many generations with the timeless music of the Beatles and Aretha Fran­klin as well other soul, pop, blues and gospel tunes. Our musical performance is also accompa­nied by a powerful multimedia show that is captivating and enlightening using images of Martin Lu­ther King, video sequences of the civil rights movement, as well as voice overs and images of pe­ace and hope.

Advertisment poster announcing the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Show, an event for celebrating human rights achievements, inter-cultural tolerance and brotherhood; jazz singer and vocal artist Willetta Carson is shown with a microphone and an image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the background

The music and the memories serve to remind us of how far human rights have come and celebrates what mankind has already achieved.