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  • name Willetta Carson
    time 12.02.2011, 02:21
    subject:Opening up the guest book
    Dear fans, dear audience and guests, dear VIPs,
    You have listened to us, watched or booked our shows. Thank you so much. This is a place for us to LISTEN TO YOU and give a voice to everyone who wants to share thoughts, comments and ideas. If you took photos or recorded films during our performances, please feel free and welcome to upload your material via the contact page. With your permission, we may make your recordings available to the visitors of this site.

    Be assured, that we do not share your email addresses with third parties. Leaving your email address is secure and will not lead to additional spam. We are plagued by spam and are very careful with such sensitive information.

    I hope that you will enjoy this new site. It is meant as your source of information on what will, is and has been going on.

    Thank you again for all your kindness and good wishes that you let us feel during the past years of making music. It is your attention that drives our performances.

    Take care,
  • name Willetta Carson
    time 12.02.2011, 02:16
    subject: Website version 2.0
    Hi everybody,
    We went online with the new site today.