Willetta Carson jazz vocalist
jazz band entertainment, soulful groove, blues and swing from the region of
Nürnberg – Fürth – Erlangen, Franken, Bayern, Germany

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Summertime – Jazz Groove Live at Leon Garcia's, Erlangen Jazz in Erlangen. Willetta Carson sings Summertime at Leon Garcia's. Piano, bass and drums assist. Shiny Stockings – Playful and Lively Jazz at E-Werk, Kellerbühne, Erlangen, Franconia, Bavaria Jazz at E-Werk's Kellerbühne in Erlangen. Willetta Carson's Shiny Stockings performed onstage with jazz piano and bass. Drums not shown. Hit the road jack – 4tet Jazz Ensemble Live at E-Werk, Kellerbühne, Erlangen Hit the road Jack – Willetta Carson Jazz Quartet in concert at E-Werk in Erlangen, Bavaria. All musicians shown. Piano and Jazz Vocals at Silke's Party, Heidelberg, Germany Willetta Carson in duo jazz ensemble at a private party in Heidelberg, Germany. Picture shows Willetta next to the piano player performing at the piano. Willetta Carson Jazz Quartet at Agency Schultze, Walther and Zahel GmbH, Nuremberg, Bavaria Portrait of the Willetta Carson Jazz Quartett at Schultze, Walther, Zahel (SWZ) media agency's annual summer night fest hosting 250 business representatives in Nuremberg, Franconia. Classic 4tet Jazz Formation at Agency Schultze, Walther and Zahel GmbH, Nuremberg, Franconia, DeutschlandBand portrait. Willetta, Peter, Georg and Johannes about to jazz it up at the SWZ summernight fest 2008 in Nuremberg, Bavaria. Making Whoopee – Soulful Jazz, Blues and Swing at Schultze, Walther und Zahel GmbH, Nuremberg, BavariaMaking Whoopee. Jazz at SWZ summernight fest 2008 in Nuremberg. Willetta Carson sings to the bass. Girl from Ipanema – Latin Jazz at E-Werk, Kellerbühne, Erlangen Girl from Ipanema. A night with the Willetta Carson 4tet at E-Werk, Kellerbühne, Erlangen with latin jazz, soul jazz, blues jazz and swing. Musician Georg Rosenbauer, The Ripper, Jazz Bass Player, Erlangen, Franconia, Bavaria Bass musician Georg Rosenbauer from Erlangen, Germany. Always has his hand on the pulse of the audience. Expert in delivering a groove which dialogs with the listeners. Summer Samba – Latin Jazz and Swing at E-Werk, Kellerbühne, Erlangen, Germany Willetta Carson performs Summer Samba, latin jazz and swing at E-Werk, Erlangen. Onstage camera shot with musicians at piano, bass and drums. Musician Johannes Reis, Jazz Piano Player, Erlangen, Franconia, Bavaria Jazz piano musician Johannes Reis from Erlangen, Bavaria. Versatile, playful, humorous style that titillates the audience. Musician Peter Ajtay, Jazz Drummer, Erlangen, Franconia, Bavaria Jazz drums musician Peter Ajtay from Erlangen, Franconia. Soft modern sound that crosses the spectrum of jazz styles. Basin Street Blues – Willetta Carson performs Blues Jazz at E-Werk, Erlangen Willetta lives out the Basin Street Blues on stage in Erlangen, Bavaria at a jazz night. Fever – Groove at E-Werk, Kellerbühne, Erlangen, Franconia, Bavaria Fever – Willetta Carson and bass grooving away on stage during a live jazz concert in Erlangen, Germany. Dixie and Classic Jazz at Altstadtfest Nuremberg, Katharinenruine, 2007 Altstadtfest Nuremberg 2007. Jazz singer Willetta Carson sings Dixie and classic jazz at the Katharinenruine open air. Bar Jazz at Herzogspark Hotel, Erlangen – Herzogenaurach, Franconia, Bavaria Jazz lounge at the hotel bar of Herzogspark Hotel in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Willetta Carson 4tet plays lively and entertaining soul, blues and classic jazz. Willetta Carson – Classic and Pop Jazz at Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg Entertainment with Classic and Pop Jazz elements at Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg. Jazz vocalist Willetta Carson on stage. Classic and Pop Jazz during Show at Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg, Franconia, Bavaria Willetta Carson sings pop and classic jazz during a dinner show at Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg, Germany. A New Version of Big Spender – Vocal Jazz at a Dinner Show at Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg Willetta Carson's novel jazz interpretation of Big Spender performed live at the Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg, Bavaria. Classic and Pop Jazz Entertainment at Meistersingerhalle, ICTP Congress, Nuremberg, Germany Show entertainment for the ICTP Congress, Nuremberg. An audience of 600 international guests enjoyed Pop and Classic Jazz by Willetta Carson.

jazz band entertainment, soulful groove, blues and swing from

Nürnberg – Fürth – Erlangen – Franconia – Bavaria