Willetta Carson jazz vocalist
jazz band entertainment, soulful groove, blues and swing from the region of
Nürnberg – Fürth – Erlangen, Franken, Bayern, Germany


I sing like I feel.

Willetta has always sung what she feels and feels what she sings. When she performs she shares that emotion with her audience. She gets to the core of a song. She identifies it's essence and the result is pure enjoyment.

Whether Willetta sings the cool tones of modern jazz and blues or belts it out in old dixie style in the Willetta Carson Quartet, she always performs with a community of jazz artist whose competence and experience is demonstrated by putting their hearts into everything that they play.

Here are a few samples of live performances and studio recordings.

  • 5tet
    M.Flügel / piano
    U.Hitschfel / drums
    M.Hartlieb / bass
    G.Kraus / guitar
  • 4tet
    J.Reis / piano
    P.Ajtay / drums
    G.Rosenbauer / bass
  • duo
    F.Breitenbach / bass

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jazz band entertainment, soulful groove, blues and swing from

Nürnberg – Fürth – Erlangen – Franconia – Bavaria