Willetta Carson & Band -- press text

Willetta Carson & Band

Willetta Carson, born and raised, in Chicago was inspired by the very lively jazz and blues scene of the area. Already as a child she listened to the music of Nat King Cole, Rosemary Clooney and Betsy Smith while standing at her father's knee. These elements combined with the influences of today's contemporary jazz scene have evolved into a sound that is a moving experience.

The band's repertoire consists of songs that reflect Willetta's roots and the history of American blues and jazz as well as modern pop and soul classics. The band has created a sound that was cooked and simmered and stirred until the result is a select and unique blend that is served up with new flavor and gusto. Sometimes spicy, sometimes romatic, but always sweet and with lots of pep, that is the sound of Willetta Carson & Band.