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Viral piano, bass and drum tunes, a unique voice, charismatic acting and animation, Willetta makes your dinner a thrill. In cities and federal states e.g. in Nuremberg, Fuerth, Erlangen, Wuerzburg, Munic, Coburg, Gera, Schweinfurt, Bayreuth, Ingolstadt, Bamberg, Stuttgart, Franconia, Bavaria, Hessen, Baden-Wuerttemberg.
Hot rythms on stage. Lola and her band embedded in stage lights and a bombastic sound floor. Bobby Blue's narrates through Lola's story, which happens to take place in Chicago and the place of performance.

music and show entertainment,
jazz, blues, soul, groove, swing and gospel from

Nuremberg – Fürth – Erlangen – Franconia – Bavaria